We offer 30-day billing to all
Government and Municipal Agencies
and/or Organizations.
Fleet, Dealer and Wholesale pricing
is avaiable.
*Light Bars
*Interior dash – deck lights
*Strobe Systems
*Grill Lights
*Switch boxes
*Radio Programming
*Headlight – Taillight Flashers
*Prisoner transport partition
*Center Consoles
*Camera Systems
*Pre-Emption Devices
*Computer Systems
*And all other associated equipment.
*Paint - body work and decals
General Public Accessories
- Installation - Sales - Service -
Public Safety Equipment  
-Installation - Sales - Service -
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*Remote Vehicle Starts
*Remote Control for any 12Volt Accessories
*DVD Players
*In-Dash TVs
*In-Dash Radios
*Sub-woofer Speakers
*Marine Radios
*Flip Down LCD Screens
*XM Sirius Satalite Radio
*Back-up Cameras
*Hands-Free Bluetooth Devices
*Audio Integration Devices
*GPS Security Location Systems
*Window Tinting
*HID Headlamps
*LED Lights
*Driving Lights
*Power Window Kits
*Power Lock/Unlock Kits
*Plow Accesories
And Other automotive accessories
Mobile Install/Repair Service is
available 7 days a week 24 hours a
day. In the Chicago Land area.

Koda Auto Electronics And Services is
registered with the Central
Contractors Registry, CCR. Our Cage
Code is 4KU10.

Koda Auto Electronics And Services is
registerd with IL CMS and Commerce